PHUKET - A Taste Of Turkey

Mediterranean Turkish Restaurant located heart of Phuket, Thailand’s Old Town with ambient decor and design. The food is really nice and everything about this place feels super Turkish. A real hidden gem on the Island.

Video Transcript

Subscriber: Are you a YouTuber?
Chris: Yes!
Subscriber: You’re from Canada?
Chris: I’m from Canada.
Subscriber: Hey, I watched a few of your videos.
Chris: Really, where are you from?
Subscriber: Oh I’m from Ukraine.
Chris: And you’re eating here at EFE?
Subscriber: Yeah, we just got like few corns over like ice cream.
Chris: How is it?
Subscriber: it’s nice.
Chris: Is it tasty?
Subscriber: Yeah!!!
Chris: oh really, well you’re gonna be in a video.
Subscriber: Really?? oh my god!!!
Chris: You’re on the video right now should people come to EFE?
Subscriber: I mean like it’s first time my girlfriend just ordered like some food you know a traditional Turkish food but I only got like the ice cream but ice cream is like amazing.
Chris: Hello there, how was the food here?
A woman: Nice 👍🏼
Chris: It was nice, it was really good like traditional egg eggplant with rice so we got a thumbs up from some subscribers actually for EFE Mediterranean cuisine it looks like a cool spot, thanks for helping me out guys. Let’s go I’ll give you a peek inside.

Super cool spot for Mediterranean food this is a hidden gem. You just see a guy out front making up Turkish ice cream and that’s all you think that’s here well come on inside saddle up and enjoy some look at this place, man!! cool place man, very cool cheers man. All right, I’m off. Nice to meet you.

The owner: Thanks for the review.

Chris: Okay, cheers!

Additional Information

Phuket is a beautiful island that has many different foods to offer. This island has always been a popular spot for tourists to visit on their vacations. Tourists come here to relax on the beach and spend time exploring the mountainous island. Because of its frequent foreign tourists, it presents a culturally diverse atmosphere if you look carefully. Ranging from Mexican to Indian food to many others, Phuket has it all. Phuket Old Town in particular presents a delicious array of restaurants that are all must-tries. And what do we have here? Yet another amazing restaurant in Phuket Old Town offering a taste of Turkey. If you want a change of palette from the vast Thai food restaurants in Phuket, this is the place to go. The interior design of this restaurant is one like no other with a traditional Turkish atmosphere filled with unique decorations we have never seen before. Although the front just looks like a normal ice cream stand, when you walk into the restaurant it expands far back into a whole different world. This is a beautiful restaurant to stop by if you’re looking for a place to eat with a nice Eurasian atmosphere that you wouldn’t expect to find on a Thai island.