PHUKET - Beautiful Artisan Restaurant

Beautiful garden eatery and bar area in Phuket, Thailand with all sorts of amazing food and drink options. The space itself compliments the food perfectly as it is stylish, trendy, and super cool.

Video Transcription

Behind me is one of my favorite teenee pins on the whole island of Phuket this place is called “Project Artisan” and everything about it is absolutely perfect. You come in off the road down here walk through these beautiful grounds looks like they might have yoga here, little shops some art it’s very artistic, the decorations, the ambience, the vibe in here is beyond chill it’s an awesome place and the food everything that we’ve ever had in here is just so dialed in so I like the artisan breakfast box you should check that out it’s got a poached egg on top of a little bed of arugula it’s got this crazy muesli that’s homemade and the bread in here is amazing, that’s what I like in here. Haelee had some black quinoa and some other vegetarian stuff and it was off the charts I remember Adam my nephew Adam was in here had I think a butter chicken pizza a hamburger so they have all kinds of stuff it’s not Thai food it’s a little bit more expensive than some places but it’s very reasonable the value that you get for the money you spend in here is amazing so if you’re looking for a place for brunch or lunch in a totally chilled atmosphere just a little break from the delicious Thai food and to get some really really high quality stuff come on in and check out Project Artisan!

Additional Information

Project Artisan is a super cool outdoor restaurant that really represents the best of Phuket. There’s all sorts of delicious, healthy menu items, the grounds are absolutely stunning, and the staff are beyond friendly. The owner has lived in Phuket for a long time and has honestly created a really special place to eat on the island. It’s located in a convenient part of Phuket about 10 minutes inland from Bangtao Beach in the Cherng Talay area where many expats choose to call home. The nature here is epic, the community is tight, and if I was to live on the island, this is the area that I would choose to be. There’s all sorts of Thai and international food and drink options for you to enjoy and it feels like a bit of a community within a community. If you find yourself living here or staying here, then be sure to check out Project Artisan and all that it has to offer. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.