PHUKET - Cheap Roadside Restaurant

Cheap little roadside Thai Restaurant with flavours that will make your mouth pop. Spots like this are what makes Thailand so amazing!

Video Transcript

This is a nice little spot right here, I get the stewed pork leg one of my favorite dishes. They do a few of the classic Thai dishes in here, I like this stewed pork leg, there’s Haelee she’s found a table inside here so this is a classic little hole-in-the-wall type of spot in these places are actually the most delicious places in all Thailand. We usually eat lunch at places like this, this is 70 baht per entree so just over two bucks.

Haelee’s putting her Thai to good use so I’m getting this dude pork leg it can be a little bit fatty they include a lot of the skin but Mai Sai Man, “Mai Sai” means don’t put in and “Man” I think is skin or the fatty part so Haelee used her Thai let’s see what happens and Haelee what did you get?
Haelee: I ordered Khao Man Gai.
Chris: What are you gonna add to it Haelee?
Haelee: Soy sauce with the chili and also I do double.
Chris: Oh you double dip! the key to this dish is this sauce right here you gotta find this sauce look at this one just drizzle that overtop it’s a little bit spicy it just makes everything pop so Haelee did a good job, you can see there’s fat on this one so I got just a bunch of meat, bunch of egg, we got this Thai pickled mustard greens.

that was a total of a hundred and twenty bath for two nice sized Thai entrees. This app here teenee we show you all spectrums, we show you the ultra-luxury the high five-star stuff but we also show you the real legit where the Thais eat stuff and I gotta say these places are my favorite so I hope you come and check this one out and look for more of them across all spots in Thailand right here in teenee. Now!! a little teenee tip for you, this is one you’re gonna want to hit that little heart button on if you see the little heart button click it that means you’ve just favorited a pin it’ll now show up in a different color and you’ll be able to find it that much easier.

Additional Information

Although Phuket is always busy with tourists who are willing to treat themselves to an expensive vacation, the island still offers many cheap foods. If you want to try traditional Thai food, then these cheap places are where to go. Cheap roadside restaurants like these are the ones with the foods with the most flavors and never fail to impress us with their tastiness. With both indoor and outdoor seating, it is easy to enjoy a quick and cheap meal at this restaurant. Like any traditional Thai restaurant, this one offers soy sauce and chili sauce on the table to use as you please and spice up your dish.