PHUKET - Cheap Street Side Cocktails

Khun Chang is a one-man street market bar in Phuket, Thailand who has been serving the Island for over a decade. He makes awesome cocktails to support his family and can be found at the Phuket Town Walking Street Market on Sundays, Boat Avenue Market on Friday’s, as well as the Chalong Home Pro market on Monday’s and Tuesday’s.

Video Transcription

This pin is dedicated to a guy named Khun Chang, Kun Chang’s a local one-man band bar and he’s got you know those little carts that you see here in Thailand and he’ll set up in walking street here in old town Phuket, he’ll set up at the walking street in boat avenue I think it’s Wednesdays and you’ll find him at various spots but this he’s not here right now there’s no walking street but this pin is dedicated to you Khun Chang if you find him, enjoy one of his little concoctions that he whips up and if you can’t find Khun Chang then do yourself a favor and hit up one of those little bar carts that you find all over the streets of Thailand here in Phuket over on Samui even in Bangkok they’re everywhere and it can make for a fun experience. Well, when in Rome cheers! thank you. They’re passing out shots to Samsung. like I said, these little street side bar cards can be quite entertaining.

That was a hot one, it’s just impromptu they passed out a little shot just to get the party started just to have a little fun, these are all just people supporting themselves, supporting their families just offering up smiles and good times so do yourself a favor and saddle up to one of those places every now and again when you’re out for a night in Thailand.


Additional Information

Perhaps the thing I love most about Thailand is the sheer number of food vendors, street food carts, markets, and local spots in general that deliver amazing quality food and drink options at crazy cheap prices. It’s probably one of the biggest reasons that this country is so vibrant. The cart featured in the video above is a local favorite that you can find in Phuket’s Old Town. I love the fact that the freedom exists here for people to sell food and drinks in general public areas. This would never be allowed or I’m from back in Canada, and definitely makes my home city feel a little bit sterile compared to the vibrance that Thailand dishes out. I remember going back there for a couple weeks to visit friends and family and it was shocking to see just how quiet my home city’s downtown core was. I grew up thinking that it was super busy and full of activity, but compared to Thailand, it feels like the suburbs. As I mentioned before, I honestly think the biggest reason for this is the street food scene here in Asia.