PHUKET - FUN family Activity

Ceramic pottery studio in Phuket, Thailand perfect for the entire family. This shop located in the heart of Phuket’s Old Town is an awesome way to spend an afternoon in this part of the Island.

Video Transcription

This one falls under activities which is things to do if you didn’t know you can filter all of these different categories so if you want to just see activities you’d get pins like this. This is a great family activity, let’s go in and hear all about it. We’re inside a great activity for families, what’s this place called?
Staff : Sitao Ceramic Studio.
Chris : Sitao Ceramic Studio, and what do you do in here?
Staff : I teach a ceramic workshop and everything is a workshop of ceramic.
Chris : For kids for adults.
Staff : For all ages.
Chris : If someone comes in here for a class what do they make?
Staff : They can make everything. We have with jewelry and then you can make like a hand-building yeah and I’ll give them a clay and then they could make, you can create everything by yourself.
Chris : All right, awesome! and how much is it for a class?
Staff : 550 baht for two hours.

So this is a good family activity if you’re down in old Phuket town come and see these girls and they’re going to teach you how to make something cool, thank you.


Additional Information

Sitao Ceramic is an amazing family activity in Old Town Phuket. This is a city with colourful, colonial style buildings, that is full of culture and history. I wouldn’t recommend staying in this part of the island during your trip here as it definitely has more of a city vibe, and I can only imagine that you’re looking to enjoy some of Phuket’s amazing nature, water, and beaches, but it’s certainly worth a day trip or an evening out. The best way to get around the island is to rent a motorbike or a car, but if you’re not extremely comfortable on a bike, I would recommend going with a proper vehicle as Thailand’s roads aren’t exactly known for being super safe. There’s lots of fatal accidents here, and you’ll probably feel much more comfortable in a car that offers a bit more protection than a small bike. Having said that, if you are comfortable on a motorbike, it’s a great way to get around the island, especially when it’s full of tourists and there’s lots of traffic. One thing that’s amazing about this country is the fact that there are so many family-friendly activities to take part in. So many people think of this place as a playground for adults, which it certainly has, but there’s also all sorts of things that you can enjoy with the entire family. Sitao Ceramic is certainly one of them. It’s a local pottery shop where you can go in and hand make glasses, vases, pots, and whatever else they offer.