PHUKET - Island Style Cuisine

Restaurant and Café in Phuket, Thailand serving Island style Peranakan cuisine. Lots of local options with those classic Thai flavours.

Video Transcript 

So you’re walking down the street in old Phuket town you’re getting a little peckish you’re getting a little hungry there are tons of options and one of them is this place right here “Kopitiam” Phuket Thailand it offers a traditional Thai flavor. Unfortunately, they’re closed right now they’re going to open up again soon by the time you’re clicking on this pin I can guarantee they’re open a lot of these places in and around Phuket have been offered up by people who’ve been living on this island for years for decades some of my buddies my closest friends who live here they assembled a team with a combined experience of over a hundred years living on Phuket and that’s where all of these pins are coming from so you’re living like a local when you’re using teenee. There are lots of great places to enjoy here in Phuket town the important thing is you get down here but keep in mind as you start exploring all these pins that we have to offer, these are where the locals go so if you’re like me you get into a new place and you like living like a local then follow the teenee pins to some little slices of heaven.

Additional Information

Phuket is one of the biggest tourist spots in all of Thailand. This island is filled with restaurants, beaches, and plenty more activities to fulfill your vacation needs. Mostly famous for the beach resort hot spot, Patong, this island is infamous for its nightlife and markets that are always bustling with tourists looking for the best vacation experiences. Whether you want to go jet skiing or enjoy a restful massage on the beach, Phuket has it all. What makes this location so popular amongst tourists is the large array of activities that this island offers. We ourselves have numerous recommendations to give you on what to do on this island to keep you occupied with fun activities throughout your trip. When moving away from the beach resort atmosphere, there is still a plentiful number of neat towns you can visit such as Old Town Phuket. Old Town Phuket has many restaurants and fruit stands that you can visit for a daytime or nighttime activity. Phuket Old Town has many brightly painted century-old townhouses that provide an artisanal atmosphere unlike any other. This artisanal feel is combined with the traditional Thai atmosphere to create a fusion that is unique to this town. If you are looking for the traditional Thai flavor, look no further than “Kopitiam”. The classic Pad Thai and Green Curry are two examples of delicious Thai dishes that are served at this roadside restaurant. If you are near this location and have a Thai food craving or want to try Thai food, this restaurant is highly recommended. Phuket Thailand has some of the best food, it’s just a matter of where to find it, and we are here to provide that for you.