PHUKET - Magical Coffee Shop

Coffee Talk by Khun Se is perhaps one of the best cups of coffee that you’ll find anywhere on Phuket. Him and his lovely wife know how to make perfect cup of coffee. They take pride in what they do and are always up for a fun conversation.

Video Transcription

So start the day with “Coffee Talk” by Se, this is Se, Se and Nok make the best coffee on Phuket so if you follow the youtube channel you already know this place “Coffee Talk” by Se you’re gonna want to come right in here off this little corner and just check this place out! it’s right in front of their house it’s as local as you’re gonna find and it’s absolutely delicious coffee, this is a craftsman who takes things very seriously, super reasonably priced, amazing coffee and a great local Thai couple. It’s gonna feel good if you come here in every which way, pull up a stool here get whatever sort of coffee beverage you like and know that you’re supporting a little Thai family business. like I said, for those of you that follow youtube I’m not telling you anything new no by the way if you don’t follow youtube why don’t you check it out it’s called retired working for you a little plug right here on teenee now get into Se’s shop would you.

Additional Information

Coffee talk buy Khun Se and his lovely wife is one of the best places on the entire island of Phuket if you’re looking for high quality coffee. These are owners that are not only super friendly, but also take their craft very seriously. Every cup is made with pride. It’s located in an amazing part of the island just 10 minutes inland from the central section of Bangtao Beach and is frequented by many of the expats that live in this part of Phuket. In fact, if I was ever going to move to the island, this is the area that I would choose to live. There’s all sorts of amazing Thai and international restaurants in the vicinity, the beaches are beautiful, and it’s generally calmer and more peaceful than the tourist hotspots of Patong or the actual Old Town itself. Another Gray area that many foreigners choose to live is Surin Beach. It’s almost like a community within a community, and is located right At the southern part of Bangtao beach.