PHUKET - Quaint Coffee House

This lesser known coffee house in Phuket, Thailand on Phang Nga Road has a quaint, no frills industrial vibe to it. Focused on hand blended teas and coffees including the traditional Kopi, you get to watch your beams being grounded by hand.

Video Transcription

It’s closed right now and I’ve shown you a super high-end coffee and tea house here in Phuket town but right there this little spot right here is called “Buppay” and it’s an old quaint industrial style cafe. Oh ice cream anyone, they roast the beans right on site and if you’re looking for a more no frills but still cool cup of coffee here. Look at it again, look at the architecture down here, make sure you come down to old Phuket town, check out Buppay Cafe a lot of the locals go to this one, little off on a side street.


Additional Information

The streets of Old Town in Thailand’s most popular tourist island, Phuket are filled with colourful, colonial style buildings that are a beautiful sight to see. This is a part of the island that’s full of history, culture, and entertainment. I wouldn’t recommend staying here on your vacation as it definitely has a more city vibe, and if you’re on Phuket, you’re probably looking for beautiful nature, water, and beaches, but it’s certainly a place that you should visit. The best way to get around Phuket is to rent a motorbike or a car, but for safety reasons I would recommend going with the car. Thailands roads aren’t exactly known for being super safe, and if you’re not a really good bike rider, you’ll feel much more comfortable in a proper vehicle. This teahouse specifically is located in the centre of Phuket’s Old Town and offers up really good authentic tees and slow drip coffee. It’s a perfect place to stop into on your afternoon walk around the Old Town. You’ll get a chance to experience some of the best that Thailand has to offer. One thing that’s amazing about this country is the fact that it’s not only Thai food and Thai drinks everywhere. There is an amazing assortment of international food and drink options in every major tourist location. You can get world class Italian food, high quality steaks, fancy cocktail bars, etc. This tea shop certainly fits the bill and offers up extremely reasonable prices to boot.