PHUKET - Thai Made Clothing

Thai made tie-dye dresses and outfits in the heart of Phuket, Thailand’s Old Town. A cool little shop that’s worth a stop-in if you find yourself in this part of the Island.

Video Transcription

Hats anyone? Okay, this pin is called the “Yiwa Shop” and as you can see it’s a cool little tie-dye shop here and it’s a nice shop worth coming in shopping around. One of the reasons why I’ve got this place pinned is because this is what I’d like to call the epicenter of old town Phuket center, you could go any which way you could go this way down that street, you could go back down that street and across the end, you could go up this street you definitely should go over here, let me show you something without getting hit by motorbikes and you definitely want to check out this uh cool artwork here. Alex face famous Bangkok street artist, check out this pin! it’s gonna take you right to the heart of old town Phuket there’s a couple of other pins in the area I’ll show you as well.


Additional Information

This is a little shop located in the Old Town of Phuket which is full of colourful colonial style buildings and is located in the southern part of the island. If you happen to be on vacation here, it’s probably not worth staying in the city as I can only imagine you’re looking to enjoy some of the epic nature that makes up the island, but the Old Town is definitely worth a day trip. It’s full of little shops like the one featured in the video above, where locals sell all sorts of boutique products. The best way to get around Phuket is to rent a motorbike or a car, but if you’re not familiar or comfortable on a bike, then Thailand probably isn’t the best place to start as the roads can be quite dangerous. It probably makes more sense to rent a proper vehicle in this case so you feel more comfortable. Having said that, if you do have riding experience, Phuket is an amazing place to explore by motorbike or scooter, and it’ll come in handy big time during high season when traffic can get pretty congested. Especially in the Old Town. All in all, if you happen to be in this part of the island and you walk by Yiwa shop, pop in, take a peak, chat with the owners, and see if there’s anything you like. They have really cool handmade clothing that doubles as perfect beachwear.