PHUKET - Traditional Thai Food

Traditional Thai dishes served set in a Colonial-style building in Phuket, Thailand. This restaurant is definitely worth a visit if you are in the southern part of the Island.

Video Transcription

Right behind me in that yellow colonial building is a traditional old Thai restaurant called “One Chun” that’s where this pin will take you and as I tour you through the inside, you can see the cool artifacts, the cool architecture. If you’re in this part of the island it’s definitely worth a visit and keeps in mind that even though a lot of these places appear to be empty in some of these videos, it’s because right now I’m filming during the downtime of tourism. I’m in the Phuket sandbox if you can remember that term so these places a lot of them are hurting for customers right now but by the time you come here these places will be hustling, they’ll be bustling, they’ll be full of activity and I’m gonna circle my way back over the next year don’t worry I’m gonna come back to a lot of these places myself and I’ll update the videos when they’re more hopping and when this country comes back to life! but for now, if you’re in this part of the island, you want a cool little traditional Thai meal in a funky colonial setting, this is your place!!


Additional Information

This is one of those really delicious Thai restaurants that delivers amazing food and amazing vibes. You’ll often find many Thai tourists checking out this restaurant, which is located in Old Town Phuket. Old Town is a neat part of the island full of colourful, historical buildings and also packs a punch as it pertains to culture, entertainment, and shopping. I wouldn’t recommend staying here during your time in Phuket because you I can only imagine you’re looking to enjoy some of its amazing beaches, water, and nature. The Old Town definitely has a city vibe to it, but it’s absolutely worth a day trip. The best way to get around Phuket is to rent a car or motorbike, but having said that I would recommend going with a proper vehicle as Thailand’s roads aren’t exactly known for being very safe. Unless you’re an experienced rider, you’ll probably be much more comfortable in a car that offers a little bit more protection in comparison to a motorbike or scooter. Having said that, if you are experienced with a bike, then Phuket has all sorts of places worth exploring no matter where you are on the Island. All in all, this is a restaurant that I can’t recommend enough, and many Thai people would say the same thing. If you find yourself in the Old Town, then try and stop in here for lunch or an early dinner before heading back to your villa, or resort.