Portuguese River Restaurant BANGKOK

Thai x Portuguese fusion food restaurant on the Bangkok river. Helo Nomsod is a must-try restaurant if you are visiting the big city. Delicious food served right on the riverside of Bangkok.

Video Transcript

Kanomjeen Kang Gai Kua. Come!!!

This how they’ve been doing the this carry for like over 150 years it’s like the authentic test of this community.

We have family restaurant like that’s the chef, that’s…they all chef they’re like do the recipe of them like Portuguese people they are first of western who came to visit Thailand during the time that they came to visit Thailand they also brought a lot to Thailand about like you know technology like gun cannon they are like teachers how to build their house like construction they also been something that very special and very important is one thing that called chili like spicy that was they make Thai people eating spicy maybe you don’t know but chili are not from Thailand, the spicy is not from Thailand, we’re going to try that.

this one we called “Kanomjeen Kang Gai Kua” it means rice noodle with curry chicken and how we eat? you see this? It’s chili so mix

can you get spicy

so good just so good!!

Additional Information

Bangkok is Thailand’s most popular and populated city, which is why it is so busy with tourists almost all year round. It is notable for the large river running through the city, crazy night markets, beautiful temples, and so much more. To begin, wherever you may be in Bangkok you will always be able to find a local market that sells cheap Thai food filled with flavor. The most popular area of this big city is the Sukhumvit area because every BTS stop is packed with fun things to do. You can start your day at a morning food market and get breakfast for under a dollar. After that you can visit a Buddhist temple and spend the day exploring the local religion. If you get hungry again, you can even choose a foreign food restaurant that is nearby wherever you may be because Bangkok also has delicious international food. to top off your day, when nighttime rolls around you can head on down to Khao San Road and spend the night meeting people that are here for a fun time. The options are limitless when it comes to this city, so even if you are just travelling along the river, you will find so much to do and a vast array of activities. The restaurant above is a Thai and Portuguese fusion food restaurant situated right on the river. If you look at our website, you will find other videos of what to do around the Chao Phraya River. There are little art houses that are like local museums with traditional art pieces that you wouldn’t find in your typical gallery. There are also many restaurants along the river with beautiful views and an interesting experience that comes with them. And of course, there are multiple bars with lively music and fun people, looking to enjoy their time by the river.

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