Premium Japanese Food In BANGKOK

Premium Japanese food in Bangkok, Thailand with solid variety and high quality ingredients. All located conveniently inside of The Emporium Mall in the heart of Bangkok.

Video Transcription

To start with let me tell you how to find this place. We’re on the third floor of the EmQuartier, you’re going to want to look for the power mall and then this place here uh they and then walk Haelee will take us in here. She’ll walk us in this is AOI and this is uh one of our favorite Japanese spots in all of Bangkok it’s buried as you can see deep within the uh Emporium mall but they serve all kinds of delectable Japanese goodies in here and let’s see haley’s going to walk us in beautiful decor in here this place is a type of place you could really enjoy a group meal. They have some private rooms, actually we’ve eaten the private rooms but check this place out!

All right so that was AOI and our meal came to 2,030 baht so that’s pretty expensive here in Bangkok and I’m going to give you a Teenee Tip on tipping, a lot of these kind of nicer fancier places have started adding a 10% service charge which they do in here and fair enough when they do that I definitely don’t leave any tip. Tippings never expected when you’re in Thailand but if I go to a place that doesn’t add a service charge I’ll often leave them a little bit of a tip but in here they charge a service charge this is starting to happen more and more when that happens I call that the tip that is what it is. So 2,000 baht but we had Chirashi a whole Chirashi Bowl, we had this Salmon Sushi Sashimi Combo Set and then I had my favorite the Don Katsu the pork cutlet with ponzu sauce, so come and check out OVI you’re gonna have to find it through the Emporium shopping mall but it’s worth it if you’re hankering Japanese.


Additional Information

Bangkok is a city full of massive shopping malls that would blow anything out of the water as it pertains to what you could find back in Canada where I’m from. They’re not only shopping centres, but places for culture, entertainment, and so much more. This is a tasty Japanese restaurant located in Emporium Mall, in the Prom Phong district of Bangkok. It’s a little bit expensive by Bangkok standards, but if you’re looking for a nice lunch out, then this is a really good place to check out. To find it, go to the Prom Phong BTS station, walk up the stairs and make sure you don’t turn into Emquartier. There’s two malls attached to this BTS station so you want to ensure that you look for the signs that say Emporium, and head in there to find this tasty Japanese restaurant. It’s one of those places that’s perfect for a date, or where you can bring the whole family.