PTT Gas Station In Ranong Thailand

You can find PTT gas stations in every corner of Thailand. This gas station in Ranong is the ultimate road-trip fuel zones where you can obviously fill up your car, but beyond that, they all have Café Amazon’s as well as lots of vendors that serve up tasty Thai snacks.

Video Transcript

Guess who’s back, back again, ptt’s back tell a friend oh yeah back at another ptt yeah you know me this one is halfway between Phuket and Ranong and I just dropped these pins and videos all over the ptt gas stations throughout this great country of Thailand because well, A) I love them B) they got cafe amazons and whenever I’m on a road trip here in Thailand I stop at these ptts this one’s surrounded by lush jungle uh I’m about a two hour drive north of Phuket two hours south of Ranong and in these videos I just like to tell you a little something and the little something that I’m going to tell you in this video is about the pay it forward videos that I do over on my youtube channel if you haven’t heard of it I have a youtube channel called retired working for you and every every month I put the youtube ad money that gets earned over there towards what I call a pay it forward project where I just try and help out a Thai community and I’m on my way up to help the Thai child development foundation uh up in Ranong and I’m really excited it’s going to be a good one if you haven’t seen that video I’ll leave a link to it under this pin so if you expand the pin up in the teenee app you’re gonna find a link and you can go over and you can see the video that I’m about to make look at this these have big oh this ant’s also enjoying a cafe amazon so yeah I just thought I’d share that with you because one of the cool things about starting a Thai youtube channel was that I started making ad money and and and I thought how cool would it be to give that money back into the Thai communities that give me and my family so much joy so much happiness so much warmth and so we’re gonna go help some kids I just wanted to to share that with you all in case you didn’t already know me and the ants here are enjoying our cafe amazon I’m getting fueled up and ready for another big pay it forward video so the next time you’re driving around Thailand and you see a ptt gas station stop and fill up get a cafe amazon and have a little laugh sing a little song about ptt cheers everyone.

Additional Information

If you have ever taken a road trip around Thailand, you know the name PTT. These gas stations are the most famous around Thailand and a frequent stop for those traveling the roads. All PTTs have a 7/11 and a Cafe Amazon to satisfy any road trip cravings you might have.