QUALITY Healthy Restaurant With Massive Menu

Food 4 Thought is an awesome healthy eats restaurant with all sorts of tasty items on their large menu. The salads are especially tasty here as are the juices!

Video Transcription

I’m here in Chiang Mai always puts a big smile on my face. Do you like Chiang Mai? well, you must if you’re searching around teenee for Chiang Mai pins, but I absolutely love Chiang Mai and one of the things I love about it is that there are so many cool funky hip spots run by groups of young Thais and young ex-pats and digital nomads as the customer base. these places are all over the place here and I think it’s the future of Thailand it feels like the future of Thailand up here in Chiang Mai. This pin here is a place called Food For Thought and I’ll just show you the inside if they got a huge patio tons of seating and then when you go inside also a lot more seating I’d say the indoor and the outdoor areas are about equal to one another there it is over my shoulder. They have a little shop where you can buy some healthy food it’s very health conscious there are tons of vegan vegetarian options it’s all about freshness, it’s all about being homemade the coffee the coffee the coffee the coffee. This guy’s got a little bicycle pump in there and this crazy way to make espresso that I’ve never seen before, it’s really really cool and I’m gonna get a cup of the coffee in there and see how it is. So let’s go in Haelee and I are gonna eat we’re feeling inspired up in Chiang Mai to live a little bit healthy it’s a little bit like Los Angeles up here anyway, let’s go in and dig in we’ll see what we eat and then I’ll tell you how much it gives you a little summary.

So “Food For Thought” wow wow wow that is Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai just delivers little places like this all over the place, I mean that guy that we met in there who manages runs the places is the lead barista. He’s a super cool guy, you know he it’s just different in Chiang Mai than anywhere else I’ve been in Thailand and to me, that’s why I say it feels like the future of Thailand up here it’s young, it’s hip, it’s cool that cost 500 baht for Haelee and me for both of our meals and it was really really fresh, really really tasty while Food For Thought. Anyway, you might want to come in and check out food for thought it’s tucked away a little bit so just hit the map use the map icon and get your directions to find this spot and make sure you partake in the coffee in there it’s next level.


Additional Information 

Chiang Mai is an amazing city located in northern Thailand surrounded by mountains, which also happen to be the foothills of the Himalayan mountain chain. This city is packed with culture, history, and vibrance. On top of that it has one of the best restaurant scenes anywhere on earth. It almost feels like the future of Thailand.