Seaside Temple Complex in HUA HIN

This is a cool temple complex located in a super quiet area. It’s at the base of a seaside cliff and has really unique reclining Buddha statues inside the cave system.

Video Transcript

This is kind of in the middle of nowhere this is called “Wat Aoi Noi” (วัดอ่าวน้อย) and I’m standing by beside a fish pond you can get fish food you throw it in there you’re gonna have all kinds of fish jumping and nibbling on that stuff but we’re on the drive right now from Bangkok down to Koh Samui via Suritani and we’re I guess about three hours outside of Bangkok and this is a place that I thought worth putting in Teenee this is a beautiful little temple we’re in a town called Prachuap Kirikan and there’s this is you could spend an hour here walking around stretching your legs if you’re on a road trip that’s what we’re doing and just over there is another temple with a little cave of I think reclining buddhas uh maybe we’ll go take a look at that apparently there’s some stairs I’ll climb for you but if i do I’ll show you and then there’s this epic coastline and one of the cool things about this place is that it’s in the narrowest strip as that as Thailand you know how it goes down like this well we’re only 10 kilometers from the border of Myanmar so we could drive to Myanmar in 10 minutes I’d hope they’d let us in but we could drive there so this is a neat place really beautiful nice uh it’s not sunny today but it’s it’s really nice in these clouds and and uh it’s definitely worth a stop and in Teenee I’m gonna get you guys all kinds of places dotting the Thailand map in fact the whole reason we’re driving instead of flying is because we wanted to check some more stuff out that’s what Teenee’s all about it’s meant to get you guys out exploring more Thailand which gets me out exploring more Thailand as i make these videos so uh thanks for that thanks for your support Teenee wouldn’t exist without you and check this place out sometime if you do make it here I’d be impressed drop a comment yep there’s definitely stairs to get there but don’t worry I got this.

Oh you get up the stairs though it really starts to get beautiful check out that coastline low tide all the boats out there really cool okay maybe there’s a few too many stairs I’m gonna go for another minute and then I’m giving up!

All right I made it, I think there’s something like 400 steps the views definitely worth it and oh check this out you head down here into a dark abyss whoa let’s go in and see what happens although the water’s dripping in oh but oh there’s a reclining buddha over here. Oh yeah there it is wow look at this you walk through the first cave you turn right and then I don’t know if you can see it but there’s a big reclining buddha down there in this he carved out of this cave this is definitely worth the hike I think you can see now the big reclining buddha behind to give you a sense as to how big it really is let me overlay some footage of me walking out of the darkness it’s a little bit spooky I gotta say but now you can see just how big this is and it’s inside this massive cave it’s raining today which adds a really cool effect it’s like the clear witch project in here and I’m gonna end the video from the depths of this cave a place that you should come and visit definitely leave a comment if you get a picture yourself with this guy.


Additional Information

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