SOLID Mexican Food In Phuket

Solid Mexican food in Phuket, Thailand with a super fun setting. Mamasita is a family owned and operated restaurant where the food is beyond fresh and prepared with love.

Video Transcription

Massage. No, we’re not here for a massage. We’re here for Mexican food. But you want to turn into this strip mall at the massage place. This is a little strip mall. There’s an Irish Pub. So a bunch of restaurants in here. We’re going for Mexican food. We’re going to MAMA Sita, authentic Mexican cuisine.

We’re still at MAMA Sita, but suddenly it’s daytime. You never know what’s gonna go down in these teenee videos, I guess. Anyways, let me explain. And I’m gonna need your help on this one. Because this was an interesting case. so Haelee and I lived in LA for seven years. And our bar for Mexican food is like, really, really high. LA has amazing Mexican food. If you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about. And so our experience there was good. But it wasn’t great. And so I wasn’t going to include this pin in the app. And then I was talking to some friends last night, some locals, and asking them about this place. They loved it. They think it’s amazing. And so I started to think, you know, maybe I shouldn’t apply the LA Mexican food bar to Mexican food and Phuket. I think that you can have a really great time there. bunch of friends bunch of margaritas, a bunch of good Tex Mex kind of style, Mexican food. And so I’m gonna leave the pin in there. And I’m going to leave it up to all of you. If you do, check this place out, do me a favor, and drop a comment below. It’s it’s all about the teenee community, helping make sure that all of these spots are as good as they can be. So we’ll be monitoring the comments. Be nice, be constructive. But Please help out and as you visit these places, leave some comments as to how your experience was. And look. If enough people say that they don’t like a place we’ll just remove the pin. Anyways, I’m going to leave this one in and see what happens. And by the way, they’re still giving out massages here.


Additional Information

The island of Phuket is famous for its beaches, nature, and nightlife. But one thing that really makes this place both special and livable for westerners is the massive selection of international restaurants. These restaurants aren’t subpar in any way, shape, or form in comparison to what you could find in places like New York, London, or Los Angeles. There are some world class chefs here that make all types of different international food options. Mamasita, the spot that is featured in the video above whips up some great Mexican food and is located in an awesome part of the island. This is the type of place that’s great to go with both friends and family to enjoy a tasty meal with the people you love.