Take Out Pizza In Bangkok

Classic pizza joint in Bangkok where you can expect a good slice every single time.

Video Transcript

So you’re in Bangkok you’re hungry you’re on teenee and you’re clicking around but maybe you don’t want to go out you’re a bit lazy maybe it’s been a little too hot out there during the day and you just want to chill wherever you are well that’s how I’m feeling so this pin is going to give you what I think is Bangkok’s best pizza delivery I would suspect that they only deliver in a certain area near Sukhumvit we used to live in a soak and when we lived there we ordered this pizza all the time they have a location I don’t even know if you can eat in there we always got it delivered and that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna get it delivered here to the place that we’re staying and I’m gonna order right here let me walk you through it.

Okay thank you no just keep rolling you can I’m good thanks.

All right let’s just go on the web browser oh you got me here looking at Leo beer. This place is called “Pizza Mania” I’m just gonna search Pizza Mania Bangkok okay there we go so let’s just quickly look through their menu here and I’ll show you what they have so they have all kinds of different pizzas you can see everything from seafood to barbecue chicken the four cheese is good I’ve had that the Salamian sausage is good, I’ve had that uh veggie deluxe for the vegetarians out there uh look at all these different I’ve had the Calabrese that’s a tasty one there’s all kinds of different pizzas out here this one’s got gorgonzola on it I like gorgonzola but I more often than not keep it simple with the pepperoni before I get to my order though I’ll show you they do have pasta in here I have ordered it it’s pretty good they also have salad a few different salads sometimes I’ll get a pizza and a salad they have munchies some oven baked garlic knots ooh I might add those to my order uh some various stuff there they have drinks and ice cream and then dips if you like to dip your pizza in in some uh some dips so I’ll show you what I’m gonna order here I’m gonna go for a classic pepperoni and one thing you’ll notice you can get half and half I’m just gonna get a pepperoni first of all you select the crust New York style I’ve had it and it’s good it’s a little thicker I like a thin wood fired pizza so often times I’d get two of these 12 inch ones but hey if you like New York style go for that you can choose how you like it uh the cheese options I’m going to go normal sauce options oh I think I’m going to get a little extra sauce some people might want extra cheese a little seasoning packet that’s some oregano and hot oil so that’s it I’m going to add that to my cart and why don’t we just get a little few of these garlic knots here we’ll add these in as well size five pieces dips uh yeah I’m gonna go dipless on those and then I am gonna add a dip um let’s see what should we get what should we get I’m gonna dip in a little caesar dressing because I’m feeling unhealthy tonight I’ll dip the crust in there so that’s it you go in you check out uh I’ve ordered before logged in with my facebook account I’m not gonna show you all that because I gotta enter payment details but I will show you when the pizza arrives.
All right, he has arrived, there you go this for you. We’ll show you what 525 baht gets you at Pizza Mania okay let’s do the roundup here we got our pepperoni pizza looks delicious we’ve got these garlic nuts oh boy Haelee I’m gonna need some help we got our our caesar dressing here and uh we also have our flavor packs some oregano some paprika red pepper of some sort ketchup who’s gonna put ketchup on a pizza not me I can tell you that and they even give this little wee cute thing a chili oil so this is it 525 baht and I should tell you that because this is a delivery option and it doesn’t involve the food panda or grab or anything in if you flick up the little window to expand the view on any of the pins we’ll leave website links as well so there’s a website link for pizza mania and when you got a craven just click on that and then order it up and they’ll deliver it it took about a half hour now if you’ll excuse my leaves underwear up here oh I should also tell you where are we staying we’re staying here at emporium suites but I’ve done a whole other pin on that if you’ll excuse me let me eat my pizza in peace thank you very much.


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