Tasty Coffee Shop In Railay Beach

One of the coolest little shops in all of Railay Beach. This is probably amongst the top 10 places in the entire Teenee App that you need to come and visit. The owner’s name is Non and is an absolute magician when it comes to coffee. The nickname for this shop is ‘The Void’.

Video Transcript

So I’m at the Coffee Station because it’s morning time and this is my favorite place to get coffee in all of Railay beach, Noon yes brother many you already know noon if you know my youtube channel you know Noon and you know this place but if you don’t and you’re just dipping around teenee this is one of the top places in the whole app that you need to come and visit this is the coffee station and that’s Noon this is Railay beach walking street we’re about halfway up Railay east is that way, Railay west is this way, we’re about halfway up and on the left you’re gonna find this place best place for a morning coffee but that’s not all they got in here. I was gonna tell you that they also have sandwiches in here I used to get these little delicious egg sandwiches and then Noon tells me that they no longer serve food so I’m back I’m gonna have a nice look at that look at that iced latte we’ll mix that up and we came in for this and we met Martin / Chris, how you doing man / good how are you doing say hi to everyone / hi everyone how are you real happy place to be here I was just talking about Chris under the day and here we are at Railay beach / and what do you think of Noon shop here / oh it’s just what a great place to chill relax just listen to vibes good music good company and great conversation and meeting superstars / that’s right and we’ll you never know when you’re gonna bump into fellow uh community members so it’s awesome to meet you man / the pleasure pleasure’s mine man / yeah enjoy the day there’s one more segment of this uh this day-long experience at coffee station that I need to show you wait a minute.

So this is a shake, this is cosmos magic yes so cosmo’s magic Adam’s in there, my brother’s in there Noon making up his stuff this is now night time at uh coffee station so this completes your typical day I should point out because teenee likes to keep you guys current and up to date I should point out that big news here in Railay beach is that Noon just got his liquor license so you can now come in for beers he used to close about seven or eight pm but come on in and he’ll give you some beers and he’ll uh he’ll just keep setting you up the day’s been extended here at Noon’s shop called coffee station and uh teenee users need to know that sort of thing this is definitely one of the top 10 places in all a teeny that I’d recommend you come and visit cheers everyone.


Additional Information

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