Tasty Noodle Shop In PHUKET

This noodle shop in Phuket Thailand is a hidden gem where the value is good and the people are kind.

Video Transcript

So right on this busy street with the ice cream guy is this little noodle house called “Suksomboon” it’s just a couple doors down from the Phuket elephant nature reserve and it’s just one of those roadside non-descript eateries that you’d probably never ever pull in just got this makeshift sign here but the locals who recommended this be in the app said that there’s tasty little noodle dishes in here it looks like a really nice spot, a little funky, no fuss, no mess, good cost but today it’s closed. Look, Haelee what day is it?
Haelee: Wednesday.
Chris: It’s Wednesday so the note for you, don’t come on Wednesdays because Wednesdays they’re closed. You see that we do all the scouring for you so you don’t have to get shut down, come here any day but Wednesday these tents will be opened right up, look for that sign, park right here and enjoy yourself a tasty bowl of noodles.

Additional Information

Phuket is an island in the Andaman Sea that is covered with rain forests and mountains. Along the western shore of this island lies many famous beaches that are very popular amongst tourists visiting Thailand. The island is home to many high-end seaside resorts, spas and restaurants, making it the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. If you’re looking for things to do on this island, Phuket City, the capital, has many shops and markets that you can explore. If you are looking for more of a nightlife scene, Patong is where most of the nightclubs and bars are situated. Since Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and has blue waters, sandy beaches, spicy Thai cuisine, and excellent snorkeling, it is probably the most popular one as well amongst newcomers. This land mass has all of Thailand’s most popular activities and cultures, giving visitors the Thai experience they are looking for. Phuket also offers amazing temples, rich cultures and colorful history, making everything about this island even more interesting. It’s important to note how delicious the food is on this island, which is why we want to introduce you to this amazing noodle shop in Phuket. This noodle shop is close to the Phuket Elephant Nature Reserve, which is another amazing activity you can take part in for a daytime memory. We would recommend visiting the nature reserve and then stopping by this shop for an early dinner before heading back to your abode. The Reserve itself has another restaurant you can visit for lunch that we recommend as well. We believe that it’s extremely important to try authentic Thai food during your stay in Thailand, which is why we are here to recommend places like this small noodle shop that are difficult to find without a local’s recommendation. Soup noodles are probably one of the first Thai foods to try as they are quite an easy eat and suitable to all taste buds. In Thailand, they will provide you with sauces that you can add to the soup to make it your own, making it a fun experience.