Thai Temples Tour In BANGKOK

Stunning Thai temples complex that seems to have been left off of the tourist map in Bangkok. It’s not difficult to get to, either a tuktuk or boat ride across the river and you can enjoy the site at your leisure as its not swarmed with other tourists.

Video Transcript

Cool, so when people come to this temple like first they will come with the stick like engine stick and then they respect the temple over there after that they go here the god by Chinese god because these temples are mixed with Thai and Chinese so they play with the god here and after that people we go to the ordination hall the main hall then they go there to respect the buddha people will do meditation all they do pay or like they have like unlucky dollars to pick up the number for your lucky number but every time when people finish from there they will come here this one we call we start to do so what people do when they come here they’re thinking about what they would like to do after this or what they would like to have in their life so they think that like to themselves and then they knocked the bell three times.

This is how people do when they come to this temple.

Additional Information

Bangkok is a beautiful city that you will be sure to visit if you ever find yourself traveling to Thailand. There are so many different things to do in this city and numerous different aspects to explore such as the culture and nightlife. It is important to dive into Thailand’s unique street food as it is filled with strong flavors and interesting dishes that you are sure to have never tried. Two dishes we recommend you try are Som Tam and Pad Kra Pao, as they truly represent the strength of Thailand’s flavor. There are also so many temples to visit after you have had a satisfying meal to energize you for this exploration. A lot of the most famous temples are quite swarmed with tourists, but there are certain ones such as the one mentioned above that are much less busy and interesting to explore. Visiting the Buddhist temples that are near the river makes for an interesting day because you can get the best of both worlds by checking out the religious sites and river restaurants. You can even spend your night near the river because there are plenty of bars that have a beautiful view of the water. Wat Kalayanamit Worahamawiharn is the name of the temple mentioned above, but you can find it more easily by searching its shorter name “Wat Kalaya”. This temple is a more tranquil, less touristy alternative to most of the big name temples in Bangkok, which is why we strongly recommend it. It is a second class royal temple, making it a truly traditional location for locals who practice the Buddhist religion.