THE BEST Khao Man Gai On Koh Samui

Amazing Khao Man Gai restaurant in Koh Samui, Thailand right near the famous Fisherman’s Village that has been serving the Island for over 30 years. Make sure to add a little bit of the spicy chilli sauce to the chicken and rice!

Video Transcription

So for this pin we’re out here in fisherman’s village and just across the street is a place that really changed my life and it is one of the biggest inspirations for teenee. I’d been coming to Samui for about over 10 years and I just scratched the surface and found myself always going to the same places we were going to Lamai back then so walk up and down Lamai beach road the same beach restaurants the same strip restaurants that all the tourists would go to and then one day, one of our best friends Suyun. Shout out to you Suyun! introduced us to this place here. This is a Khao Man Gai place that has been run for generations by the same family and it’s one of those local Thai meals that’s you know 70 baht for an entree and I remember the day she brought us here it felt like we’d unlocked a whole new Thailand and I want that to be what teenee gives to all of you out there. When you click on a pin and go to a new spot I want it to be a place that unlocks just a different level of Thailand that you might not have experienced. These places are super delicious this one’s amazing, let’s go see the chef in here he’s hard at work. So he’s cutting up the Khao Man Gai, he’s been doing this for 20 years his father did this before him, right?
Chris: Your father was here before?
Seller: He’s the second generation for chicken rice
Chris: So you learn from your father
Seller: Yes yes!
It’s the second generation here and you can taste it has that rich flavor. One of my best friends here Suyun’s husband Scott’s here enjoying a plate. Look at this, this is what you get. You get one of these nice dishes here you’re definitely going to want to jimmy it up with this sauce and just enjoy a super local Thai experience get into the mindset of digging deeper and peeling back this onion that is Thailand there’re so many layers for you to enjoy and I hope as you click each of these teenee pins you feel like you’re going deeper into this awesome country!


Additional Information 

Thailand is a country that is full of hidden gems. You could spend a lifetime exploring this place and never truly see or experience it all. Between the constant change, and the beautiful informality of it all, there’s so many amazing restaurants that many of us will never get to enjoy. Thankfully, in the small tropical paradise that is Koh Samui, we found this amazing little shop that serves up the best Khao Man Gai on the island. Both tourists an Expats likely pass by here every day and have no idea what they’re missing. The owner of the shop has been working here for over 30 years and has perfected one of Asia’s most classic dishes.