The Most Famous Beach in PHUKET

Patong Beach is one of Thailand’s most famous Beach Towns. It’s a super long stretch of gorgeous sand backed by a wacky town. Party central to say the least!

Video Transcript

So this pin is Patong Beach this is just a pin to give you an overview of Phuket’s most famous beach town so as you can see the beach is super long and we’re about 10 minutes from Sunset I’m gonna end the video by giving you a little Sunset treat gonna put the Drone up so stay tuned for that but first a little more about Patong Beach as you can see the beach is super long stretch of gorgeous gorgeous sand and then behind the beach is a Crazy Town Phuket’s craziest town it’s party central let’s be honest when I first came to Phuket I came to uh Patong Beach this very place shout out to you Birdie my good buddy Birdie I was with him the year was 1995 actually and we came here for a couple of nights and truth is it wasn’t our cup of tea it was a little it was just a little too developed a little too wild oh look at this doggie going for a swim one sec!

ha ha ha doggies swimming in the ocean always gets me and uh so it didn’t come back until just uh 2020 like literally 25 years in between visits to Patong Beach to Phuket itself and then I discovered that Phuket has so much more to offer than just Patong Beach and so I fell in love with Phuket again and now here I am in 2022 and I’m back here on Patong Beach of all places uh we just drove in for the day it’s still not my favorite place in Phuket by any stretch but I wanted to see how things were now that everything’s coming back to life and and things are pretty cool down here the town itself has just tons of stuff we’ll dot a few pins up in the town and you can check them out we’ll dot some places that you might want to check out for some local Thai food we’ll continue to add pins here in Baton but if you’re staying in Patong I do suggest you click around Teenee and and and check out some of the places that are just in different parts of the island because believe me Phuket has so much to offer and this is a hot spot it’s a party spot it’s a busy spot go check out some of the quieter areas of Phuket just have some fun there and look if you’re staying in the north of the island or the south of the the island and you’re looking for a little fun don’t shy away from having a little fun down here in Patong beach now looks like we’re about two minutes from Sunset let’s get that drone up in the air and see we’ll see what it looks like looks like it’s going to be about a 7 out of 10 tonight that sometimes the sun sets down here can get epic ready countdown with me three two one and I got the Drone with music three two one!!


Additional Information

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