The Most Famous Park in BANGKOK

An awesome park in the heart of Bangkok with a nice lake right in the middle. Perfect for running or walking and very close to lots of shopping and restaurants. If you’re looking to clock some steps, then make sure to walk the full loop around the lake in the middle of the park!

Video Transcript

Welcome to Benjakitti Park this is a series of a few pins that I highly suggest you string together to make a half a day out of it that’s the one cool thing that you can do here in Teenee you can find a cluster of pins in the same area and maybe you jump from a a lunch spot to a cafe maybe you jump from a dinner spot to a bar in this case you you could start here or you could start over at Lumpini Park but this is going to give you a nice little daytime Adventure Into The Greener Side of Bangkok so I’m calling this Benjakitti Park the original because up until recently this was the only part of the park and it’s nothing to sneeze at it’s got a two kilometer running track here you can see people enjoying the jogging and whatnot but it’s a two kilometer track around this Lake here and it’s a man-made lake but it’s pretty beautiful right in the heart of Bangkok this is the a soap neighborhood so it doesn’t get more Central than this and I come to that I call this my home park I’ve come here probably a hundred times for morning walks afternoon walks Sunset walks they have a bunch of features in here but I’ll get to that with a blast from the past but first this is going to be this has been expanding there’s phase two which is the Benjakitti Forest Park there’s another pin for that then there’s the Green Mile The Green Mile connects bend your kitty with Lumpini there’s a pin for that and then there’s a pin for Lumpini Park so if I was you I would book three hours and come with your walking shoes on come ready to sweat and start either at Lumpini and make your way and end right here here or start right here and make your way to Lumpini check out the pins it’s a four pin series and there’s going to be more expansion done here big ass project going down at the end of this Lake and there’s a phase three of this Benjakitti Park Teenee will always be a place that keeps you current as to where what’s going on in Bangkok so as phase three gets built out I’ll be right back down here making a new teeny video for you now in the meantime let me just share a blast from the past from right here in Benjakitti, so here we are in Benjakitti Park!

Bangkok not really known for its Parks this one’s the closest one to my house and it’s actually pretty nice there’s an artificial lake I don’t know if you can hear all that construction going on behind me but you might wonder well that’s not a very nice park but they’re actually renovating the whole thing right now and uh I’m sure in a few months it’s going to be gorgeous but I came here today to get a free workout first up stretching techniques for the elderly

the things I do for you!

okay so I was gonna edit this part out because I am a total idiot look what just happened to me I was walking along look at this these are this is a pond that’s a pond on my shirt look at me oh my God I’m soaked got it all over my legs um I thought I was about to step on these green tiles it turned out to be a pond

oh shit, oh shit, holy shit! let’s not let that deter us from moving on with our day oh man that’s embarrassing I even have free water hello guys this is Saggy here the Body Beast are you ready for today’s workout at Benjakitti Park ah don’t laugh with me laugh at me there’s actually a guy named Segee who does a program called Body Beast look it up okay guys I’m gonna show you all the free outdoor exercises you can do here in Benjakitti Park but remember I’m a professional!!!!!


Additional Information

Bangkok, Thailand has some of the most epic shopping anywhere on earth. Many of these massive mall complexes would put their counterparts in Europe or North America to shame. The Holy Grail of Bangkok shopping is IconSiam. This is a newly built architectural masterpiece located right on the east side of the Chao Praya river across from central Bangkok. It has anything and everything that you could think of. Whether you’re looking to purchase something from a luxury brand like Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, Rolex, etc. or simply want a basic Tee from Uniqlo, this place has it all. You can even buy a Ferrari right in the mall if you’re looking to spend some serious coin. There’s also an epic food court on the ground level of IconSiam which features all sorts of tasty Thai treats that you can get at street food prices. One thing that’s actually quite common across many Bangkok shopping centres is to have at least one or two food courts that act more like Thai markets than they do a typical eating area. The food in these areas are both tasty and cheap. The reason that these exist is because the developers or owners of these massive shopping complexes want to drive as much foot traffic as possible inside of their real estate. So, they give significant rent breaks to the vendors that would normally have to compete for space in an outdoor market. What ends up happening is that residents find a specific vendor or restaurant that they like, and make it a weekly routine to go and enjoy some food from that specific location, inside of whatever mall it exists in. The food courts inside of these malls actually become attractions on their own, resulting in more foot traffic inside of the mall.