The Perfect Sunday Afternoon In Chiang Mai

Huay Tueng Thao Reservoir is a cool park just 20-minutes outside of Chiang Mai full of cool hiking trails where you can take in some epic scenery. Afterwards, you should enjoy some relaxation in one of the floating wooden bungalows and enjoy some cheap Thai food.

Video Transcript

This is Huay Teung Thao Reservoir it’s a man-made lake it’s about 20 minutes outside of the town of Chiang Mai right at the foot of the mountains a really beautiful place so Haelee and I are out here on a Sunday right around lunchtime we came out about 10 30 a.m and we’re gonna walk a whole lap around the lake where we started was that end with all those king kong straw men and all the various animals that’s pretty cool it feels like it’ll be about a good hour to an hour and a half walk around the lake but the one of the main features here is the restaurants that are all lined across mostly the other side so you get a view up to the mountains they have just hundreds of individual huts and you’ll see Thai families enjoying meals together out here in a nice peaceful quiet lakeside mountainside environment so Haelee and I are going to finish walking around the lake on that end and then we’re going to grab a hut and that’s where we’re going to have lunch.

So here’s a teenee tip for you if you do come to this place and you want to eat right now is Sunday about 12 30 p.m we can’t even get in there it’s absolutely packed so if you do come out here and you come out on a Sunday and you want to eat in one of these cool huts beside the lake then either come before or after the lunch rush or don’t come out on Sunday little teeny tip for you this place is definitely worth a visit though see you soon.


Additional Information

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