The Ultimate Daytrip in CHIANG MAI

This is a beautiful spot to come and enjoy if you’re wanting to get out of Chiang Mai and into the mountains. Lots of nature, landscaped gardens, and a really cool bridge over the jungle that you can walk on.

Video Transcript

Pilot to bombardier are you there yeah go green leader so uh we’re here doing something that you should do if you’re up in northern Thailand and in Chiang Mai we’ve got a a motorbike here and we’ve left the city and we’ve come into the mountains and we have a good a good grout planned out and we’re going to drop a few pins along the way wow look at that tree I don’t know if you can see that but we’re just coming from the ginger garden we’re here at the “Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden” and this is our first stop in a loop we’re basically going to spend the day out here and the whole point of these pins is to get you guys to just come out here you once you do you’ll notice that there’s all kinds of places to go things to see and things to do out here you’re gonna pass by all kinds of cafes and riverside restaurants I’m gonna put about five pins today that uh dot the route that Haelee and I are going and if you were to go from one pin to the next then you would uh have the same route but like I said you might want to make your own stops and see what you can discover this is Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden in Mae Rim this place has been around since 92 and it has just a variety of areas they got a big banana avenue they call it we just pulled out of the ginger garden and we’re just gonna spend I don’t know maybe an hour here we’re gonna park the bike at various spots go for a walk see what it’s like and uh this is a place that if you like I said we passed by just within about 10 minutes up here there’s a ton of little riverside restaurants and cafes so even if you wanted to just shoot out it’s only a half hour from from Chiang Mai itself and then you’re out here but we’re gonna take a look around and uh and then continue on this is outside of Chiang Mai and in the mountains the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden.

Staff: Okay we have three highlight is number five number seven and number nine and now we are here number five yes this is canopy wall canopy walks yes
Chris: The one thing you’re gonna wanna do when you come to this Botanical Garden for sure is walk on this canopy walk so basically I’m scared to do this but we’re suspended way way up over the jungle at the canopy level and the view is crazy this is what makes the entrance fee worth the money to come in and stop at this Botanical Garden this is a really cool experience. As we leave I should tell you that place cost, how much did that cost?

Haelee: 230 baht for the two of us.
Chris: 230 baht for the two of us so this is one of those places that’s um dual pricing the Thai would be much cheaper so if that’s the sort of thing that bothers you then well then you might not want to come here but uh I’d say it was worth it yeah it is all right off to the next stop we’re getting hungry!


Additional Information

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