This Is My Favourite Korean Food in BANGKOK

Dad Hang Gum serves up delicious Korean BBQ in the heart of Asok right in between Soi 23 and Asok Montri Road. The meat is high quality, the staff are friendly, and the vibes are fantastic!

Video Transcript

I’m on my way for Korean food with Anna and Haelee. Haelee’s Korean, Anna’s half Korean and I used to live in Korea and all three of us used to live right here in this neighborhood literally like a hundred meters away from here so now that Anna’s back in town visiting us from university for a couple of weeks we were all pretty excited to come right back up here to the second the third floor this place exists on the second and the third floor it’s called “Dae Jang Geum” and it’s a great Korean spot it’s not in Korea town which I will do a pin of what they call Korea town and show you around that place which also has a lot of good options this place you probably wouldn’t find on your own and that’s where Teenee here to always help you get to parts of Thailand that you normally wouldn’t end up discovering and then just enjoying a meal enjoying whatever you went for and then taking a look around seeing where you are and experiencing the country in a whole new way now Korean food is famous for the good old Korean barbecue and they do a good one here but we’re here for lunch time because they have good lunch specials let me take you inside and show you what I mean.

So every Korean meal starts with all of these side dishes these glorious side dishes actually I’ll show you a couple we got the cucumber here we have some kongnamul which is the bean sprouts we have kimchi we have some greenery spinach potatoes and then for the main dish I got sundubu which is like a tofu it’s like half soup half stew Koreans are famous for their chiges they have kimchi which is self-explanatory they have duanjang that’s a good one that’s dwenjang is the soybean paste then they have this is a sundubu it’s gonna be hot. Ummm It’s rich, I would say Haelee would want me to say Daebak! let’s see what she got what did you get Haelee?
Haelee: I got kimchi with tofu it’s like a steamed tofu and with the kimchi you put it on top of it oh steamed tofu and you just put the kimchi on top of the tofu and eat it, Daebak!

Chris: She loves when I say Daebak! if you watch Korean dramas then you’ve heard that expression it means like oh wow okay so that was 900 baht excuse me for lunch because here’s a Teenee tip for you this restaurant Dae Jang Geum they don’t have their lunch specials on the weekend it’s Sunday I didn’t even know that but now you know that if you come Monday to Friday during lunch time they have a great little selection of I think eight dishes lunch specials for 200 baht each but it was okay the the sundubu chiki was only 250 baht each um and then Haelee got that tubu kimchi which I think was 400 baht something like that delicious place delicious Korean food come and check it out and I’ll leave the video by saying this anywhere in this neighborhood if you see pins nearby you’re gonna know they’re good because this is where I used to live for two years literally like I could throw a stone and hit my house up there so any pins in this neighborhood you know they’re going to be good kind of like that place Tortilla Camada if you’re craving Mexican click on that next!


Additional Information

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