Tip Top Thai Food In CHIANG MAI

Nothing beats a good Thai food experience. Chef Tao and his staff make tip top Thai food that will make your taste buds pop.

Video Transcription

You’re in Chiang Mai and you want Khao Soi. Well, I wanted Khao Soi and I always get a craving for that stuff and this was the first place I came to get cow soy up here because a friend who lives up here recommended it. This is called Chef Tao’s Thai Cuisine and it has all kinds of amazing Thai plates. I’ll show you the inside it’s a super gorgeous restaurant, lovely setting and I think I see chef Tao here. Is this chef Tao?

Chef Tao: Sa wat dii krap, I’m the chef out here

Chris: yeahhhhh, it’s a great spot man!

Chef Tao: yep! thank you

Chris: it’s great, it’s good to see you so maybe uh if some if someone’s in Chiang Mai what would they come in here? what would you recommend from himself.

Chef Tao: in here we definitely we’re gonna uh recommend you to get the Pad Thai or Khao Soi this is a yellow curry noodle this very popular dish in Chiang Mai so if you want to come please have a Khao Soi with the chef Tao you will love it, you will like it!

Chris: And you used to cook this guy I think that you used to cook all over the place “Four Seasons and Anantara”

Chef Tao: Uh Anantara, Four Seasons. Oversea Already!

Chris: Oh really. So he makes up the goodies we just had we came in we got four bowls of Khao Soi and uh it’s because we already have it yeah it was I had a craving and it was really really good man! nice northern Thai flavor. It’s a cool location too.

Chef Tao: Yes that’s right! you can hang out, you can have some beer here, you can do it whatever you want here. So this is the place that is ready for everyone here! please come and join us.

Chris: Beautiful, so come and enjoy some of chef Tao’s lovely Thai food. Thanks a lot brother, cheers!

Chef Tao: Thank you 🙂


Additional Information

Thailand as a whole is famous for its delectable local food scene. This certainly holds true when referring to Northern part of this Country and its biggest city, Chiang Mai. One of the most popular dishes up here is something called Khao Soi. A noodle dish that has a combination of flavors that work perfectly together. Between the actual style of noodles that they use, the creamy soup, the lime juice, and the crispy strips that are placed up top, it’s the perfect blend to make your taste buds pop. Chef Tao’s Thai cuisine does a great job making this dish as well as other food options that are popular around the Kingdom. He’s a super friendly owner and is certainly worth visiting if you’re looking to enjoy some tasty Thai food in Chiang Mai.