TOP NOTCH Vegan Food In Chiang Mai

Top notch vegan restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The mushroom burger is especially tasty as well as the curries!

Video Transcription

Okay, so that was vegan heaven! no, seriously that place is called Vegan Heaven and it’s on this little street here in Chiang Mai right across from a nice temple grounds. Which uh, I would suggest you check out the temple grounds walk in there but I suspect that we’re gonna start to see more vegan more vegetarian places per percentage of teenee pins in Chiang Mai compared to anywhere else in Thailand. This is a really healthy place to live it reminds me I used to live in LA for about seven years and the thing that I would say about LA is that it made it easy to live healthy and Chiang Mai has that same sort of vibe it feels like it’s easier to live healthy up here like the whole environment here is encouraging you to live healthier to get outdoors the weather is cooler the there’s more of those vegan restaurants I digress back to the vegan restaurant it’s called Vegan Heaven and it was really really delicious. Just to quickly show you what we had I had these samosas with a bit of Thai flavor to them that was a treat and then some of these natural spring rolls these fresh wrapped in rice wraps and those were also very good. This is a popular place with the local expat community who lives here and the owners of this place really care, they’ll come and they’ll ask you if you enjoyed your food and if it was good and the experience in there is great top-notch fresh ingredients which is what you want out of a vegetarian place and as I started off the video by saying come and check out this temple when you’re done it’s a nice little peaceful spot. All right, thanks for watching thanks for supporting teenee and I hope you’re loving it up in Chiang Mai.


Additional Information 

Chiang Mai, Thailand is one of those cities that packs a serious punch. The nature, people, culture, and overall vibes are awesome, but its biggest selling point has to be its food scene. For a city of just over 1 million people in the entire metro area, it rivals places like Los Angeles and London as it pertains to quality restaurants of all kinds. It has anything and everything that you could ask for. High end Japanese food, delicious Korean food, premium Italian food, world class Thai food, as well as anything else that you could think of. Where it’s truly impressive however, is the sheer amount of vegetarian and vegan options that you can find here. Given that the city is surrounded by fertile soil and ideal farming conditions, it’s extremely easy to find meat free options that are beyond tasty. Vegan Heaven, the restaurant featured in the video above is a prime example of this. Chiang Mai in general feels like the future of Thailand with its young population pushing the ball forward in a super cool direction. It’ll be fun to see where this city in northern Thailand heads in the coming years.