Trendy Brunch Spot In Old BANGKOK

Sarnies is a trendy brunch spot in Bangkok, Thailand located in an older part of the city. They serve up all sorts of tasty food options and also have great coffee. This is the perfect place for a brunch date.

Video Transcription

Right behind me you’re gonna find a place in this old house called Sarnies. This is the type of place that’s popping up more and more and more in Bangkok these days, it almost feels like you’re in New York or Paris or something like that. This place can get a bit more expensive the typical entree in here and places like this is about 300 Thai baht so roughly 10 bucks per entree but they can be super fresh, super hip and they can be super delicious so it still feels like you’re getting a good deal even though it’s on the more expensive side for Bangkok. Let me take you inside and show you what this place looks like, Haelee ordered a vegetarian grain bowl type of salad and I ended up getting their ragu and then we’re trying out their signature dessert they call it the CB&J it’s homemade cashew butter and grapes on a brioche bun so that’s Sarnies! one of the newer hipper spots in Bangkok. Come and check it out if that’s what you’re in the mood for.


Additional Information

It’s hard to believe, but Bangkok is quickly becoming a brunch lovers paradise. There’s all sorts of new spots popping up around the city that seem to be the ‘place to be’. At least according to Instagram. But seriously, Sarnies is an awesome spot to grab brunch in a really neat part of the city. It’s not in Sukhumvit. It’s not in Silom. It’s in old Bangkok. In fact, Sarnies is located in an old townhouse style building that has to be at least 60 or 70 years old.  It epitomizes the perfect blend between ‘New Bangkok’ and ‘Old Bangkok’. Whether you’re looking to head out on a date here, meet up with friends, or just grab a morning coffee, Sarnies delivers quality every time and is often filled with a cool mix of local Thais, as well as Expats. It almost feels like it belongs in a place like New York, London, or Paris given its unique mix of old and new, which seems attract a younger, hip crowd. If you find yourself in this part of the city, be sure to stop in, enjoy a bite, and then walk around this area of the city that often gets overlooked. The river is close by, there’s a BTS station 5-minutes away, and it’s just a solid spot to enjoy a weekend morning. While you’re over this way, it’s also worth heading over to the other side of the river and exploring a much more local version of Bangkok where many of the city’s workers live. It’s full of unique temples, awesome greenspaces, bike trails, and overall just feels like a totally different world compared to the skyscrapers of the central core.