Trendy Riverside RestoBar In Chiang Mai

Trendy RestoBar in Chiang Mai, Thailand right on the river that is full of cool, local Thais enjoying the best that their city has to offer. Drinks are good, prices are reasonable, and vibes are outstanding.

Video Transcription 

This is a pin that you’re gonna wanna come for some fun times at night where you can either get lost or very lost. This is a place called Café Wander, I think you can see the sign back there and I’m gonna walk out and show you an interesting perspective of this place, so again it’s right here Cafe Wander, just click the map icon and that’s how you’re gonna find your way here, maybe either they do have food here but it seems to be a place where you can go to eat. Oh, by the way, check this out! super cool right now is just after Loy Krathong so they got all kinds of lanterns still out here and over my shoulder, you can see Café Wander. There are two sides, this side is a big open-air bar with a DJ playing super cool funky hip, a lot of young funky hip Thai in Chiang Mai and a lot of them are hanging out here. There’s a lot of people up here on the bridge also just looking back at the place, come in have a drink, have some finger food, come with a group of friends, come with your boyfriend your girlfriend, your husband, wife. We’re here with two really good friends. Shout out to you Jerome and Mirella, Haelee and I are here with them. We just had dinner and this is right on the Ping River and it’s an absolutely beautiful spot, this is called the Iron Bridge here and that bar that you can see sprawling behind me is called Café Wander. Come and check it out!

So that’s the Café wander and you’re gonna want to wander down here to this Café if you’re looking for some nightlife and some good times when you’re in Chiang Mai. Uhhh whoa motorbikes down there, wander down to Café wander just look for this sign here that says sausage, bacon, beer, and coffee and you’re gonna have a good time.


Additional Information 

This is one of those places that defines the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. Super cool, super hip, and full of young locals and expats that are looking to enjoy each others company and indulge in tasty food and drinks down by the river. One thing that makes Chiang Mai super cool is the fact that it feels a little bit like the future of what Thailand will be. Many of the business owners in this city are younger Thai’s that have spent time abroad in places like the United States, Europe, or Singapore, have a global perspective, and have brought that vibe back to where they’re roots where they are from. You can find all sorts of healthy food and drink options, but also really cool nightlife spots that are funky and stylish. Café Wander epitomizes this.

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