UNIQUE Tour Operator In Chiang Mai

Greentrails is a super cool travel company based out of Chiang Mai, Thailand that offers really interesting experiences that you probably wouldn’t think of on your own.

Video Transcription

This pin is an activity and I got a special guest, get in here Jeroen. A lot of you probably already know him but if you don’t, Introduce yourself. Well, I’m Jeroen. I’m Chris’s friend, can I say that? Yeah, I think you can say that yes you’re permitted to say that. I’m so I’m so honored. You might know me as a global travel mate but I’m also Sukhumvit homes and we helped Chris with finding an apartment. We should do a pin for Sukhumvit homes if you do need an apartment here in Bangkok. Let’s turn around look at this gorgeous temple we’re at! We’ll put a pin in for Sukhumvit homes but check out his youtube channel. Anyway, the reason he’s here is to tell you about Green Trails. We’re in the middle of a Green Trails tour right now and I’m going to turn it over to Jeroen to explain what we’re doing and what Green Trails is, so Green Trails is a travel company in Chiang Mai run by my friend Frans, he’s a dutch guy and I connected with him already quite a long time ago and when we came back to Chiang Mai now, he offered us to go and do a tour now and we are today on a Sam Lor tour. I think it’s a very interesting tour because it is about a dying trade so the Sam Lor is a kind of cycle a tricycle so the thing with the Sam Lor is that it is like the rickshaw that you had in India and you have the trishaw in Singapore it’s a kind of bicycle that has only one seat and the people that drive these bicycles they are basically getting older and older and there is less people interested in using the services and now especially during the pandemic they didn’t have any work so at the moment this tour is basically keeping this whole trade or this whole tradition alive. It’s a lot of fun we’re halfway through the day right now, So I should tell you though this isn’t a place like you don’t click a map link but I’ll leave a link in teenee if you flip open the window you’ll see a web link and you can go to Green Trails travel’s website. They have a bunch of different tours, oh listen to that they’re the Buddhist ring and the bell back there but there’s a bunch of different tours you can get this Sam Lor rickshaw tour is one of them check it out and if you’re looking for some activities and tours and to learn a little bit more about the history of Chiang Mai then reach out to Frans. So basically Green Trails is a high-end travel agency so if you want to do tours in the city of Chiang Mai or in the areas around here I would definitely recommend try that one time. Frans took us one time on a tour where we went to the hill tribes there is tours where you go to the hills and then you go to the coffee bean plantations and you can cook with the locals it’s very interesting it’s not cheap but very very interesting!! Yeah, so click on the link and you can check out everything that they got and enjoy your time in Chiang Mai rocks this place is really really special.