White Temple In BANGKOK Thailand

This white temple complex in Thailand has a quiet and peaceful surrounding, perfect for a sunny day.

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Vibrant, colorful, bustling, exciting, and often peaceful in the right places are just a few descriptive words for the city of Bangkok. As you may know, Bangkok is very famous for its nightlife scene and has grown pretty big over the years. There are always exciting nightclubs, fun rooftop bars and cool cocktail bars that you can go to any night of the week. There’s also Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Khao San Road with lots of clubs to dance the night away. Not only is the nightlife extremely fun, but there are also plenty of interesting cultural aspects to explore throughout the city. You can start by exploring the spicy and flavorful foods that populate the busy markets in Bangkok. It’s easy to just walk down to your local market and find plenty of food options for such a good price. But if you’re looking for something a little fancier, Bangkok offers that as well. After a quick lunch, you can head down to one of the big malls and do some shopping. If you’re looking for more of that Thailand experience, there are also many night markets that you can visit to purchase some local clothes. And of course, for the traditional Thai experience, there are plenty of temples that you can visit to get a taste of Thailand’s true culture and religion. Along the Chao Phraya River are many boats, restaurants, and more importantly, temples. In this city, there are countless Buddhist temples that you can visit, ranging from busy ones that are popular amongst tourists, to more local ones that are much quieter in peaceful. Built within the grounds of the Grand Palace is Wat Phra Kaew, which is the most important and most visited temple in Bangkok. Wat Ratchasittharam Ratchaworawihan (Wat Plub) on the other hand is a second-class Royal Temple founded by King Rama I. He built the royal temple in the area of a more ancient temple named Wat Plub and combined both into the same monastery. Inside, there is a mural painting telling the stories of the Three Worlds, The Buddha’s Life and Vessandara Jataka, teaching visitors more about Thailand’s religious culture. This temple is less known and more local to the popular temples of Bangkok, making it a unique experience for the visitor. Before visiting this temple, or any temple for that matter, it is important to know a few rules to stay respectful towards Thai religion and culture. You should remember not to wear short pants or sleeveless shirts when visiting these sites, and to take off your hat and sunglasses when on the premises. Being in the moment is very important, so turning off your phone and being respectful when photographing the sight are also two strong rules to standby. And of course, be mindful of worshippers and follow what they do, such as removing your shoes when entering the temples. As long as you are respectful to those who go to these temples to practice their religion, observing the area is completely okay and encouraged to learn more about the religion.